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Rumor has it…you love me, too?

So…rumor has it  (which, coincidentally, does NOT make me think of that Jennifer Aniston flick but rather this particular song [I recommend jumping to minute 6:00 unless you are a rodeo enthusiast] which may very well prove once and for all that I am, indeed, white trash) that the stars *may* align in a magical way and a friend who is looking to beef up his design portfolio *may* be generously donating his services to give good ol’ TL a facelift. Now all I have to do is figure out how I want it to look?

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Other — Gasp — Blogs.

So…I’ve maybe been a little bit unfaithful and have been blogging for other sites…

Namely, The Luxury Spot, where we have my most recent post on soup mix and squatty rolls. (With Australian snacks and vegan hair products to come!)

But also Meata America, where I wrote about my mother’s first pastrami and marinading with condiment packets.

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In Which I Attempt to Explain How My Mind Works…

(And perhaps rip off Tumblr a little, tiny bit…)

I was out with somebody once, telling him a story — oftentimes when I’m out and about in the world and I am not feeling shy, I will see something that triggers a memory and launch into a stream-of-consciousness rendition. Not everyone has patience for these verbal meanderings, but those who do tell me it’s sort of the equivalent of having to strap yourself into a speeding car — I always get where I mean to go and it always makes sense when you’re there…it’s just that sometimes it requires a wild ride along the way.

So. Back to that Pittsburgh Steelers bar a couple of years ago (But! I love a good underdog story, so it’s all about the Cardinals this year). I was telling him what I *thought* was a charming anecdote about some wacky thing that happened to me once upon a time…and when I was finished, the guy just sort of looked at me with this mix of awe and wonder and cocked his head and asked, “How does your mind work?”

Well, after all this time, I think I finally have a good example…

I have a friend who is getting married and who asked earlier today if I had gotten the save-the-date. I had not yet. Then I saw there was some chatter online about stuff, so I added my two cents…and I went out to get the mail…and there it was! So I was *going* to add, “I got the save-the-date!” but then I thought that maybe that would be a bad thing to say in a public medium and she’d get mad at me because her wedding is a highly sought-after affair and not everyone can get in. So…*then* I thought, “Ooh! I can abbreviate it!”…until I realized that then I’d be writing, “I got the STD!”

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Fun Things I Found When Googling Myself…

So, once again, I have found myself in the job market. And once again I am putting out all sorts of feelers, which is sort of why I Googled myself — to see what turns up if a potential employer, you know, Googles me. (Sort of like the story I wrote about Internet reputation management! But! Future employers, take note: I am a good employee! So there’s nothing to hide!)

And…you know, with a name like Lisa Lacy, you get some good stuff:

God’s Immediate Contact (Really my story! Picked up by Supreme Master Ching Hai??)

There’s Just Something About You

Welcome to the Home Page of LISA LACY

Yikes — Lisa Lacey Showing Her Assets

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Could 2009 be the year of SeamlessWeb?

I was complaining to a friend about how I had to eat soup and Stovetop stuffing because I have nothing else in my house, but I’m too lazy/tired/maxed-out to actually leave to find an ATM so I can order food or — gasp — actually go to the grocery store (so, so far away, it seems) and make something. (Plus, I have no idea what I’d even *cook*…which means tomorrow I have to do some serious recipe consultation. [And I have no milk for my coffee…which might also explain why I was feeling so lethargic today.])

Long story short, my friend said this is precisely why she likes SeamlessWeb…which I know is popular among my Manhattan friends and Martha Stewart employees, but I’d never thought about actually doing it myself until now. It looks like there are only seven restaurant options in my neighborhood (only 2 open tonight!)…and one has a $15 minimum…but it totally means that if I’m feeling antisocial and want to hide from the world, I won’t have to starve.

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