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Into the Hallowed Halls…

I made those Man-Catcher Brownies today. And I plan to take some into work tomorrow. It will be the first baked good I bring to Martha. Wish me luck.

I haven’t actually *tried* them yet…but I licked the spatula and *that* was darn good. Everything you’d want from a brownie batter, I reckon.

They turned out pretty thick…which makes me worry a bit about the texture — there’s too much girth to be chewy…so hopefully my colleagues enjoy cakey brownies. It would be super-embarrassing if they turned out to be gluey after all the bragging I’ve done about my baking prowess (not unlike my very ugly lasagna on Week #2).

Also — for the record — I’m making them as more of a goodwill gesture rather than to actually ensnare anyone. And I’ve been told that no one in the test kitchen will know that I’ve brought in something. I’m not ready to face the pros yet.

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Man Bait…in Various Forms

It’s funny — after that article about Rome in today’s NYT, I was thinking about how much I really want to make a whole lot of pasta…which inevitably got me thinking about Rachael Ray’s You Won’t Be Single for Long Vodka Cream Pasta. (I’ve never made it before…but, oh, that name.)

Which is sort of ironic…because I *also* recently saw this story — Obsessive Baker Searches for the Perfect Brownie.

Although perhaps the reason you’re able to *catch* the man is because he up and has a heart attack from all that butter?

I *am* curious about the kosher salt though…

…and one of my colleagues said I can bring in stuff to work and no one will tell the professionals in the test kitchen. Which makes me less nervous about baking for them for the first time. (I was really embarrassed because the lasagna I made this weekend collapsed in on itself and was super-ugly…and here all this time I’ve been professing to the people that I work with that I *can* cook and that food is my *passion*…and then I show up at lunch with the ugliest lasagna EVER. Sigh.)

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Maybe Food in Midtown Ain’t So Bad?

My new gig is very close to my former office…so I am certainly familiar with the neighborhood. It’s even the same ol‘ commute with the same ol‘ faces I used to see every morning just ten short months ago. The only difference is that *now* I am on the *other* side of Bryant Park…and it’s kind of crazy — I am discovering all sorts of things that have been right here all along…and that I never knew existed.

Case in point: Crumbs Bake Shop. Granted, I’ve had cupcakes from Magnolia and Sugar Sweet Sunshine…but I had no idea there was a Midtown equivalent! (I still haven’t actually *been* to Crumbs…although I heard talk that there is a Snickers cupcake? Woah.)

Also? The wichcraft in Bryant Park apparently has ice cream sandwiches that are amazing and wonderful.

There is *also* a new Le Pain Quotidien near the park. I had a “Belgian brownie” there the other day…which is sort of a mishmash of cupcake and brownie. Good stuff.

Sigh. In seven weeks, I am going to be ENORMOUS.

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