Dead Pitch #2: The Real Harland Sanders

Granted, I hadn’t settled on a *precise* angle quite yet…but I still think this Time story about Harland Sanders is really interesting.

I probably would have used it as a hook to write something on other interesting little-known fast food facts. Alas, the world will never know…but I CAN still promote this super-interesting piece on the founder of KFC:

Did you know, for example, that he failed at over a dozen jobs?

And he really wore white suits every day — with a lighter jacket for the summer and a heavier one for winter?

And he drove a Cadillac with his face on it to promote his chicken?

And he once SHOT a man?

And that he was a lawyer and a real honorary Kentucky colonel?

Put *that* in your pipe and smoke it, Taco Bell.

Image via kerryvaughan/Flickr


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