Magic Fruit and Poop Coffee

Alright, I will go on the record saying that I had no idea that my friend D went to such totally crazy food parties.

But, in the course of our 12-hour adventure yesterday, she told me about not one, but TWO things I must share IMMEDIATELY:

1. Magic Fruit. Apparently this is some kind of crazy thing you get on the Internet that you roll around on your tongue (the way she described it, it sounded kind of like acid…but she swore it’s just fruit)…and that makes sour things taste really sweet. (The story from the Times is over a year old, so, yes, I admit it — I am officially behind the times.) D said a friend had a party with this Magic Fruit and then they all gorged themselves on citrus fruits and salt and vinegar potato chips topped with hot sauce. She promises to throw her *own* Magic Fruit party soon…and I promise I will tell you all about it.

2. Poop Coffee. (Or, civet coffee.) This is apparently the coffee Jack Nicholson orders in The Bucket List and is really super-expensive…but the beans have the dubious distinction (I am pretty sure I ripped off that exact phrase from at least one story I read about the stuff) of being digested by a cat-like creature…that then, you know, poops…and somebody has to go out and collect it and dust it off and sell it for lots and lots of money. The whole digestive thing does something to the beans that makes the coffee really good, my friend said. So. Something else for the list, I guess…

Informal poll — which is worse? Poop Coffee? Or the Sourtoe cocktail?


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