The Year of Leggings Lives On…

I should be upfront about this: this is a cheap ploy to beef up my fashion-writing portfolio.

And it’s going to be hard to come up with a food tie so this isn’t *completely* inappropriate and I don’t severely disappoint my loyal readers…, but we’ll try this on for — ahem — size: it’s been a rough couple of months (as noted). And since, you know, I tend to…feed a feeling…I am probably fatter than I have ever been. So…there we go: food.

Now the clothes:

Last year when I was in a similar funk, I declared 2008 the Year of Leggings. But I was nervous I was not the leggings type…as I really had not worn them since I was a skinny Minnie in elementary school…and so I bought a single pair at the Gap to see how I’d do. And then it turned out that I had actually stumbled upon the single greatest pair of leggings in the universe and I totally and completely fell in love with them.

These leggings were SO AMAZING for two reasons: 1) they were the perfect length! They fell sort of just below the knee without any clumping of excess material on the way down. (Women stopped me on the street to ask me where I got them — *that* is how absolutely perfect the length was…) And 2) the material was ideal — 93% cotton, 7% spandex. It was thin enough to breathe…but not transparent. And so…even if the long dress I wore over them was not enough to totally cover my (ever-increasing) behind, I didn’t have to worry about being rude and constantly readjusting myself to prevent the unthinkable. The leggings would protect me!

However — alas! — when I went *back* to the Gap to buy as many pairs as I could scoop up, I could not find them again. (Although I just looked on the Web site and I think I found them…which sort of negates this entire post. Except — WAIT! — the only size in stock is XXL…which means I was right and the post lives!)

And so my one pair got a lot of use. And when I got a hole in one leg, I actually got out a needle and thread and sewed it up. (Me! Sewing!) And then the hole got worse…but luckily I was at home by then and my mother had a sewing machine. But…eventually they were looking pretty sad. And I still wore them…I just had to be more careful with what I wore over them.

Eventually I started looking further afield for a new pair…and I bought one at Express…but they were totally transparent — more like pantyhose…and they quickly developed a run. No good.

Was it finally curtains for me and leggings?

I was beginning to think yes…but then last weekend, I was wandering around the city and saw that Express was having a sale and so I went back inside to see if I could find a pair of non-transparent leggings…and — holy cow — I did! I was a little worried they would be too thick…and they are not *quite* the perfect length — there is definitely some bagging around the knees…but they are super-comfy and you can’t see through them, so I am a happy camper. The Year of Leggings lives on!


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