Today in Pie News…

It wasn’t just a fluke, ladies and gentlemen! I am here — albeit not on camera — with another round of Pie News!

First up, we have BIG news from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner yesterday about the plan to purchase up to $1 trillion in toxic assets…and firms like BlackRock and PIMCO enthusiastically lining up to do so. So! What better way to mark the occasion, I ask you, than with Grape and Fig Pie? As investors soak up devalued real estate loans and mortgage-backed securities *you* can steam figs that will then “soak up the copious juice that bakes out of the grapes,” Ken Haedrich writes. What’s more, the pie has a decidedly Mediterranean feel…and is that not the ancient home of the form of democracy we’re seeing at work right now?

But! It wasn’t all bland financial news! Late night king David Letterman made headlines this week when he revealed he tied the knot with long-time girlfriend Regina Lasko. And nuptials that were 23 years in the making are no small feat! So…I’d suggest Dave wow his new missus with a taste of home and some Indiana Butterscotch Pie with a Checkerboard Crust. What’s more, that pretty crust will be perfect for celebrating. OR…since Letterman reportedly got stuck in the mud on the way to the courthouse, he could always commemorate the occasion with Mud Pie. (PS: There’s coffee in it…which is apropos as he has to stay up so late.)

And Letterman wasn’t the only one in the news this week! Poor Matt Lauer must be feeling awfully banged up after his deer collision over the weekend. To lift his spirits after shoulder surgery — and to perhaps subtly reference him flying over his handlebars — I’d make a Floating Top Cherry-Vanilla Bean Pie. All you need is a circle of dough to place in the center of the filling…and voila! Floating crust. (Although I suppose the Black Bottom Peanut Butter Cloud Pie — which Haedrich says has a mousse-like consistency that is aerated by whipped cream and beaten egg whites — would also work.)

That’s it for now! But…stay tuned!


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