Breaking Pie News: Liddy Eats Humble Pie…And So Can You.

So…a friend suggested a good feature for the ol’ blog here would be to do a segment on Pie News. Which is really quite brilliant. Like, for example, I could totally talk about AIG’s Edward Liddy last week and how he had to eat some humble pie in front of the House Financial Services Committee (that was it, right? I could just say, “Congress,” but “House Financial Services Committee” is so much more interesting. Plus, I – heart – Barney Frank a little.)

Sadly, a literal search for “humble pie” in my pie books is, um, fruitless…but there are a few on the Internet. Like, say, this one: Humble Pie.

But if I wasn’t going to do a literal humble pie, I might go with something simple…like even the new state pie of Indiana: sugar cream. I didn’t actually get a chance to try this one on Pi(e) Day (which went quite well! MUCH different than January 23. Calmer. More space. More food. I owe a big thank you to AG & Choice Kitchen!)…but I’d say it’s a good candidate for a humble offering if that’s what you’re going for.

I still have the video camera from the Dia del Pole-Dancing (that I haven’t even used yet!)…but I am not sure I would be the most dynamic on-air presence. Which is not to say I won’t *ever* do it…but I have to let things percolate for awhile.

PS: In my Pie book, I caught sight of a Tar Heel Pie…which will be very fun to make if UNC emerges victorious in this March Madness business. Ken Haedrich says it is essentially a brownie in a crust!


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  1. I recall your perfect poise and pronunciation of the Torah tongue-twister “shabbat shalom,” and believe that you have decidedly dynamic on-air presence. I look forward to watching.

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