Pre-Pi(e) Day Plans

After the roaring success of National Pie Day on January 23 at Greenwich Village Bistro, I decided I had to celebrate pies again on March 14 (as in, 3.14). But…since March 14 is a Saturday and weekends are sacred turf, I decided it would be best to gather for pie the day before the official holiday this time, creating – in effect — a Pre-Pi(e) Day party.

So…the agenda has officially been set. On March 13 at 7:00, we will gather at Choice Kitchen and Cocktails at 380 Third Avenue (between 27th & 28th).

The menu is still in the works. I am very much sick of making apple pies by now, so was thinking I’d do something with berries — boysenberry pie was one of my favorites growing up — until I realized that it is definitely not berry season now. I could use frozen berries…but that seems like it could be asking for trouble…and my aunt’s generic fruit pie recipe also calls for spices “to taste” and I really screwed up a blueberry pie once and am still sort of reeling. (I am most definitely a baker at heart in that I like exact measurements. Without them, I can feel lost.)

But then I read that sugar cream pie was just declared the official state pie of Indiana, so it sort of feels like I have to make one of those now. And from there a cream-ish pie menu started to take shape: lemon meringue (at the request of a friend); key lime (as a nod to my “Southern” roots); chocolate cream (which was a hit on National Pie Day); grasshopper (because I have a ton of crème de menthe and crème de cacao left over from the first one I made); and banoffee (because it’s good and creative and fun).

This is, of course, subject to change…but only a little over a week yet! So not much time!


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