Simply Manischewitz!

Last week was a busy week!

First it was Kelly Ripa and Electrolux and their Red Hot Red front-load washers and virtual cupcake campaign

Then it was arc90 and a podcast…

And finally Friday was the Third Annual Simply Manischewitz Cook-Off at the Marriott Marquis (which is also where the New York Financial Writers Association holds its Financial Follies each year…so I couldn’t *not* think of the year I got stuck in the elevator and then rode a pedicab 40-some-odd blocks). I was on hand to see Amy Siegel of Clifton, NJ take home the big prize for her Marvelous Mediterranean Falafel Sliders.

I thought it was kind of amusing that the first reaction my friends had was “Are you cooking?” when I said I was going.

My other favorite part: I had a giant nametag that said I was a blogger and a woman came up to me and asked if it’s a Jewish blog…and then she explained she’s from the National Jewish Outreach Program and that she’s going around and asking people to say “Shabbat Shalom” and she asked if I’d do it. So…I had a quick little panic in my head and thought, “Should I tell her I’m not Jewish??” but then she told me about going to a rodeo and asking all the cowboys to say it…which I assume she told me to put my mind at ease? So…she turned on her camera and I said it and she recorded me. (I forgot they have a Chicken Soup Challenge, too!)

Now I have falafel mix to try out Siegel’s recipe…and will report back (here…or possibly elsewhere?) about my findings!


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