In Which I Attempt to Explain How My Mind Works…

(And perhaps rip off Tumblr a little, tiny bit…)

I was out with somebody once, telling him a story — oftentimes when I’m out and about in the world and I am not feeling shy, I will see something that triggers a memory and launch into a stream-of-consciousness rendition. Not everyone has patience for these verbal meanderings, but those who do tell me it’s sort of the equivalent of having to strap yourself into a speeding car — I always get where I mean to go and it always makes sense when you’re there…it’s just that sometimes it requires a wild ride along the way.

So. Back to that Pittsburgh Steelers bar a couple of years ago (But! I love a good underdog story, so it’s all about the Cardinals this year). I was telling him what I *thought* was a charming anecdote about some wacky thing that happened to me once upon a time…and when I was finished, the guy just sort of looked at me with this mix of awe and wonder and cocked his head and asked, “How does your mind work?”

Well, after all this time, I think I finally have a good example…

I have a friend who is getting married and who asked earlier today if I had gotten the save-the-date. I had not yet. Then I saw there was some chatter online about stuff, so I added my two cents…and I went out to get the mail…and there it was! So I was *going* to add, “I got the save-the-date!” but then I thought that maybe that would be a bad thing to say in a public medium and she’d get mad at me because her wedding is a highly sought-after affair and not everyone can get in. So…*then* I thought, “Ooh! I can abbreviate it!”…until I realized that then I’d be writing, “I got the STD!”

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One response to “In Which I Attempt to Explain How My Mind Works…

  1. Boz

    There you go; I don’t comment in months and then you give me a perfectly good reason to drop a second.

    I get it, and I actually think it’s a pretty good joke. You might lose the audience in a stand-up routine, but on paper it works great!

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