Sked: Write, Bake a Pie, Write, Bake a Pie, Sleep.

So…legitimate journos are descending upon DC this week to report on the inauguration and I feel a little silly saying this because obviously what I’m doing pales in comparison, but…after freaking out on a MAJOR scale about how I’m going to make ends meet next month, the universe came through in its weird way and now I’m filling in for my old job…and I’m a little worried how I’m going to get everything done. The hours are kind of nutso — I’ll do 9PMish to midnight for a European mutual fund pub and then rise at 4:30 and work until 6:30 for a NY-based hedge fund newsletter…and then I get a break until about noon when I have to write *more* hedge-fund-y stuff until about 3. But…I also have to bake PIES this week. Like crazy. So…I think my routine will be something like: write, bake a pie, write, bake a pie, sleep. Except I’m not really sure which pie I should make first. Which ones can sit the longest before consumption? I know the chocolate cream pie says it does best if its in the fridge overnight first…but surely being in the fridge for a whole WEEK wouldn’t be the best thing in the world? I don’t know — this may require some consulting with my mother and my aunt.

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