(20?) Pickle Pie

I’ve mentioned my (sort of) obsession with Twitter before, so I won’t beat a dead horse. But one of my recent “tweets” (I’m not crazy about that word) that got a lot of attention was about Depression-era pies — chess pie, vinegar pie, buttermilk pie and pickle pie — from a story in the Columbia Tribune.

It turns out that people are genuinely interested in pickle pie! So…to the Googles!

Here’s what I found: pickle pie is apparently pretty low maintenance and really just requires smushing up sweet pickles. So, at the request of a choice few, I’m adding it to the Pie Day menu. I worry the weak of stomach will turn up their noses — fried pickles didn’t get a very good reception. But, at the same time, on my last birthday I declared this the year of not caring so much about what other people think…so I’ll try to look at this as a fun experiment…and to heck with those who don’t get it?

(This was also a fun surprise: 20 Pickle Pie.)


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