Could 2009 be the year of SeamlessWeb?

I was complaining to a friend about how I had to eat soup and Stovetop stuffing because I have nothing else in my house, but I’m too lazy/tired/maxed-out to actually leave to find an ATM so I can order food or — gasp — actually go to the grocery store (so, so far away, it seems) and make something. (Plus, I have no idea what I’d even *cook*…which means tomorrow I have to do some serious recipe consultation. [And I have no milk for my coffee…which might also explain why I was feeling so lethargic today.])

Long story short, my friend said this is precisely why she likes SeamlessWeb…which I know is popular among my Manhattan friends and Martha Stewart employees, but I’d never thought about actually doing it myself until now. It looks like there are only seven restaurant options in my neighborhood (only 2 open tonight!)…and one has a $15 minimum…but it totally means that if I’m feeling antisocial and want to hide from the world, I won’t have to starve.

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One response to “Could 2009 be the year of SeamlessWeb?

  1. Ian

    The real question is how far can they expand out of Manhattan, and how soon?

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