Pie & Politics

OK, OK, OK: Sweet Potato Pie Already.

I tried to make a sweet potato pie once. Vegan. For a friend’s birthday. With disastrous consequences. (For the friendship, not the pie itself.)

I haven’t attempted one since. Mostly because it’s just not something I ate as a kid. I like sweet potato side dishes. (I feel like there’s something on the Food Network Web site with sweet potatoes and bananas that is insanely good. Either this — http://snurl.com/4q91g or http://snurl.com/4q928?)

But, pie? I think that thing with tofu was the only sweet potato dessert I’ve ever had. But…perhaps this would be a good time to try it again? As both an alternative to the (doubtless) scores of pumpkin pies I will make in coming months *and* as my own special way to be political?


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  1. Michael Ahern

    The current issue of Cook’s Illustrated has a good recipe for a pumpkin pie that mixes pumpkin with sweet potato. You might like that…

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