Did I break my personal pie-baking record?

Yes and no.

Since I have sooo many apples from the apple-picking excursion, I tried to break my personal pie-baking record this weekend. I made 4 on Saturday…which I guess in and of itself is nothing to sneeze at…but I didn’t end up making all 8 — which is technically what I could have done with the number of apples I have. I also used these 49-cent throwaway tins because I figured it was easier than trying to track down my Pyrex pans after the fact…but they all leaked and even got a little caramelized on the bottom…so I’m not sure if it was such a smart move on my part (even though they are stamped with the word “durable” on the bottom). I also sort of live-Twittered the process: LisaLacy. (Look how tech-y I have become!)

I was also hoping to freeze some of the pies so the people I give them to can bake them at their convenience…but the gallon-size freezer bags are apparently not big enough. I am *sure* my aunt used to put pies in Ziploc bags to freeze them…but I guess she had super-huge ones? I shall do some research…and — good news! — the pie fun shall continue next weekend!


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