The Spoils of Barton.

So…I’ve never done a fall apple-picking trip before because I’ve always thought it’s the quintessential “I’m in a relationship in New York”-thing to do. But! I was actually able to tag along with a friend despite impending spinsterhood…and, long story short, I came home with 32 Granny Smith apples. This translates to about seven pies. Which I would imagine will require investing in more Crisco…and maybe even nutmeg.

I’m not sure whether to go on a pie-making binge and do them all at once? And what am I going to do with them all? I have a few pie-takers…but certainly not seven. I suppose I could take a page from my aunt’s book and freeze some of them…but I’m not thinking I am going to get any more than two in my tiny freezer. So…maybe best to actually just eat some of the apples?


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