Thanks, Auntie Leslie.

I know it’s not October yet and that this is maybe like stores putting out stuff for Christmas before it’s even Thanksgiving…but I was compelled to make cornbread last night (in part because I had everything on hand) and I used Auntie Leslie’s Halloween spatula for the first time. (I also have a Valentine’s Day spatula from said aunt…but I’ve used that one before.)

I also finally burned the pie candle. I was previously reluctant because I don’t know where else I’ll ever find another one…but then I had a “Does it really make sense to just never use this?”-moment and I lit up. (Also a gift from AL.)

She said she’s going to get her pumpkins this week…which makes me think that maybe it’s time for *me* to think about putting out my fall decorations. Which makes me, what? 27 going on 45?


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