Not So Ready for my Close-Up. Nor Were the Cupcakes.

So…last week Cupcakes Take the Cake had its cupcake social…and I wanted to contribute, so I made red velvet cupcakes. (I thought they were a little dry…but then a lady yelled at me for apologizing because she said they were “beautiful.” And they were pretty good looking…even though I really *wanted* to decorate them with Laverne-like Ls…but had to settle for sprinkle hearts left over from Valentine’s Day [another Auntie Leslie gift] because the icing I had wasn’t very pliable…and kneading it did no good whatsoever.)

A reporter was there with a camera and since I actually made cupcakes, she interviewed me as soon as I got there. I made a joke — “I’d be much better at this if I had a drink first” — but they went ahead anyway. And I think I said some dumb stuff (i.e., “Why do you bake things for events like this?” “I bake because I live alone. Err, and I like to bake, but I don’t want all this stuff around to tempt me.”). She also wanted to know why I like cupcakes so much…and I had to tell her that I’m not as big of a cupcake fan as some of the others and that I actually prefer pies…which was totally not the answer she was looking for. I also didn’t know whether to look into the camera or straight at her. So…I may very well end up on the cutting room floor.


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