I heard about Martha’s blog episode from the ladies of Cupcakes Take the Cake. I put in an inquiry…and my old boss was able to get me in today as a “guest.”

Most of the bloggers there were live-blogging…but I did not bring my laptop because of the WiFi situation in my apartment (when I set up the network with the help of a tech guy I used to work with, he password-protected it with a crazy-long password…and I’m afraid that if I change the Internet settings on my laptop, I won’t be able to hack back into my apartment network again). So…I tried to make note of the most interesting tidbits the old-fashioned way — in my noggin.

I know the music was intended to get everyone hyped up before/during the show…but I still thought it was funny to hear Rhianna, etc. in the studio. I wonder what kind of music Martha actually listens to…(for some reason, the first thing that comes to mind is jazz.)

Perez was there! Looking shiny…

And M called the Republican veep cand “Sharon…” Then corrected herself, saying Sarah looks like her friend Sharon.

We got some free stuff…and they hyped her blog (natch)…but since I’ve been out of the Martha world for a bit (I guess), I found it kind of amusing that her blog is called THE Martha Blog. (I am glad there are no other Lacys out there with prominent Internet presences.)

And…afterward they taped a hot-dog-sampling segment for next week and made a number of penis jokes that I’m assuming will be edited out. Then that Kevin guy said that he heard when Alexis was growing up, they used to stop off at a hot dog place uptown no matter where they had been for dinner before…and Martha said it was true…and it was kind of, sort of humanizing. Who knew Martha had a soft spot for hot dogs?

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