Palin, Palin, Palin.

Also a little sorry I missed SNL last night for a pretend art show and to get side-swiped in a cab en route to the birthday party with a little man who questioned the authenticity of my hair color.


(Or…Palin & Hill — I tried to embed the actual video…but it kept reverting to an SNL Digital Short…which is so totally not the same thing.)

I should probably jump on the Alaska bandwagon, too, huh? Perhaps with the story my mother told me of the avid hunter whose friend got his face ripped off when he got in between a mother and her cubs? (And for this reason they wanted to buy *me* a gun. Mom actually said, “I’m not telling you this to scare you, I just want you to know the dangers bears present.”)

Or the time I was walking out to a bald eagle nest in Sitka and my parents told me about a man who left a McDonald’s bag in his car and a bear ripped through the vehicle because it could smell the stuff? And then we saw TRACKS — with claws! I could distinctly see claws! — and my mom and I booked it back to the car, leaving Dad behind to take photos…but we didn’t even feel safe then?

Or the time my parents were out of town and I decided I was going to entertain myself by cooking…so I bought a lot of groceries — so much so that I filled up the whole trunk — but then decided to go back into the store to get a bottle of wine…and after hoping and praying I would run into my beloved R at the Fred Meyer about a zillion times before, I casually thought about how embarrassing it would be to *actually* see my beloved R, the teetotaler, right then as I emerged from Freddie’s with what was distinctly a bottle o’ booze…and as if by magic, he suddenly appeared? And I could have just shrugged it off and said hi, but instead felt obligated to explain and blurted out, “I have over $100 worth of groceries in my trunk!” and he just sort of said, “Okay…” and I immediately called Jonathan as soon as I got into the car and freaked out about what a boob I am? (And then by some other ironic twist of fate, he ended up working for my dad years later?)

(Also enjoyed this: The Upshot on Palin and her Updo. Wonder if Jessica Steele ever thought she’d be the subject of a story in the NYT.)


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