If Peter Piper Picked ‘Em, Maybe Fat Franny Fried ‘Em?

My pickle story will run next week…and I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but…I *did* fry my own. Was a little nervous as I don’t fry stuff all that often…so I started out with a single pickle at a time…and eventually moved up to four.

No major catastrophes…though I did warp a spoon. (Like I said, I don’t fry much.)

I added garlic to the coating…which I think is a really, really nice touch. And I was able to use dill pickles (none of the pickles I tried at restaurants were tart enough to qualify as ‘Sippi pickles, methinks). So…a lot of work for an afternoon snack, but could be something fun for a BBQ.

I brought a bag of them to a networking event…and a lot of people thought they were cookies. When a gregarious PR guy explained they were pickles a lot of people were kind of grossed out…but those that tried them actually liked them. (I think.)

Pants gave me a hard time for bringing a bag of fried pickles to a networking event. But, whatevs.


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