Everything Old is New Again?

I just got back from Chicago/Milwaukee for a surprise 60th birthday party for my aunt. (Her birthday is not technically until the 19th — exactly a week before *mine*! — so there is still time for a Flamingo Surprise.)

And…I wanted to do something special (other than, you know, just showing up)…and that meant tracking down a recipe for chess custard pie. (Which I had a heck of a time finding because I was initially looking for “checker pie.” Guess the short-hand version in the ol’ memory portion of my brain was “pie with a name that doubles as a board game.”)

And…according to Epicurious, this is a pie that *used* to be quite popular…but for unexplained reasons has fallen off the radar. So…in order to drum up some more attention, I give you: Chess Pie.

Granted, I have not made it yet (I am a bad niece)…but I am totally curious. And it’s on my to-do list post-fried-pickle tour. Just as soon as I think of an occasion…


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