The Fry Post

An editor I’ve been working with suggested I hit up Hot Doug’s while I was in Chicago. (My friend K said she’d never been but “Doug” continued serving foie gras after it was banned in Chicago a few years ago and that he was kind of a bad ass.)

Sadly, they were closed the day after Labor Day, too. (And the swan boats in Lincoln Park were not operating either!) But…I was able to go on Wednesday. The big draw is their duck fat french fries…but they only serve them on Fridays and Saturdays, so I had to settle for regular fare. But I have to say the standard Chicago dog was pretty good stuff.

K and her fiancee are going to go back this weekend to try the duck fat version. (I’ll keep you posted.)

Meanwhile, *I* will be trying fried pickles all over New York…

And…duck fat, it ain’t. But all this talk about frying reminded me of…


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