Desperate Freelancer Bakes, Does Cocktail Research

So…my main reporting class was getting together this weekend and our esteemed host told me he was making a pie.

And…it’s kind of hard to explain why this made me want to put on my game face and make him rue the day he thought he could bake, too…but it kind of did. The best explanation I can come up with is that it’s like that Desperate Housewives episode in which Bree is doling out responsibilities for a potluck and claims dessert for herself and the new neighbor says she’d really like to make lemon meringue pie but Bree tells her she can’t…and then everyone is eating the pie and saying that it’s the best pie ever…and it turns out that the new neighbor switched pies and so it was *her* pie they were all raving about…and then Bree was desperate (and a housewife) to find out what the secret was. That’s *sort of* how I felt. Maybe not breaking-into-his-house desperate. But slightly desperate nonetheless.

(It was also a little like the time I found out my boss had hired a woman from Alaska who baked. I couldn’t help but worry I was losing my schticks and would have nothing left to distinguish myself.)

Our host is delightfully healthy and made a tofu key lime pie based on his mama’s recipe. Which in and of itself is pretty amazing to me as I don’t really trust myself to make up recipes…and this is, like, virgin territory for him. It would be like me dirt biking.

I, on the other hand, used a square springform pan in a subtle nod to one of our classmates who couldn’t be there and made a key lime cheesecake. I sort of waited until the last minute, so I was worried that it was not going to have enough time to chill and congeal and really turn into something good…but luckily there was enough pre-dinner chatter to buy me some time.

And, you know, mine was clearly not good for you…and got nice reviews. But I have to admit the tofu thing surprised me. It was very good for what it was. I probably still won’t go vegan…but it’s nice to know that if I did, I’d have options.

Another classmate coincidentally came into a lot of Maine blueberries and was looking for a way to incorporate them into the festivities…so initially we were going to do a dessert, but that would have required making plain cheesecake and I’m afraid my competitive streak got the best of me. So…instead, he froze the berries and I did cocktail research and found this: Blueberry Limoncellos. A *little* embarrassing that it comes from the Safeway Web site (which actually sort of reminds me of this: crapping around). But it wasn’t not bad. Not bad at all.


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