The Stars are Aligning??

I *finally* started writing a book. Fiction. This is the prefect time to do it because I am officially freelance for awhile…

And, well, here’s my horoscope from *three* different sources today.

NY Post:

“If you use your imagination today your current daydream will be a reality in the not too distant future. Others may say you are too wrapped up in your fantasies but even if that is true they won’t be fantasies for long. You are about to create a masterpiece.”

NY Daily News:

“Don’t be too quick to dive in and say “yes” to a career option. It may be just what you need, but there may also be a better way to structure a deal once you think it through. Life is full of choices, and as a Libra, there is no one better to look at the pros and cons to see which ones will be most suitable.”


“Recent changes in your work or school life have been tough for you to get used to, but today you should finally start to feel like you’re getting more into the groove. It’s a good feeling, and it should leave you smiling by the end of the night. People are starting to notice you a lot more — they definitely like how you’ve been handling these changes, and they might want to know what your secret is. Share if you want, but remember: A little mystery can create a lot more attention.”


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