What Says Moo and is Made of Fermented Milk?

I’ve always said that I would like a life-size ice sculpture of myself at my wedding…and I still think it’s a pretty good idea — *especially* as a nod to my Alaska roots — but then I heard that the Iowa State Fair has Olympians (and other famous Iowans) immortalized in *butter* this year. That’s in addition to the traditional butter cow. (It’s one of those things I would like to see once in my life. Like Mount Rushmore. But I can’t see any reason why I’d ever be in Iowa or South Dakota…although, to be fair, 15 years ago I would have said the same thing about Mississippi and Georgia.)

More here: Iowa residents take break for state fair.

Good to know for early risers and competitive eaters: “Knowing many families are watching their budgets, the fair is giving visitors a break some days. The 11-day event opens Thursday with free admission from 5 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Fair-goers that morning can head to the grandstand to help set a world record for the most people simultaneously eating a corn dog.”

Also enjoyable: “In keeping with the state fair tradition of food on a stick, the new featured food this year is battered and deep-fried pineapple on a stick. Mini cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting are another item new in 2008, and crawfish etouffe and a London broil steak sandwich also join the fair menu.”

I believe *last* year there was some friendly competition on this very blog because the Tanana Valley State Fair is goin‘ on up in Alaska at the same time and has GIANT vegetables…which are pretty amazing. And while it may seem like an easy call to make — butter sculpture v. giant cabbages — I promise the enormous vegetables are really something else.

Other interesting stories from way up north:

Muktuk eating title stays in the family.

And…In rural Alaska, fuel costs now matter of survival.


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