The Oatmeal Cookies That Were Almost Not.

I was bit by the baking bug yesterday…but didn’t really leave my apartment…partially because of the weather…but also because I had a million things to do around here.

Soo…I was thrilled when I realized I had absolutely everything needed to make oatmeal cookies…except brown sugar. And I didn’t want to go all the way to the grocery store (I recently saw one of my neighbors at the Met Foodmarket and he was giving me a hard time about shopping there — “Why don’t you shop at Pathmark? It’s so much closer for you. Next time go to Pathmark. It’ll save you a big walk. Seriously. This is a waste of time for you…”).

Soo…one quick Google search later, I learned that you can substitute 1.5 tablespoons of molasses and one cup of granulated sugar per cup of firmly packed light brown sugar that you need.

And it just so happens that I still *have* molasses left over from that time I made shoofly pie…so I was actually able to *make* brown sugar.

I never knew that it was just regular sugar and molasses! My own version even *looks* real! (I still have about a quarter of a cup, per Andy’s recipe.) Made me feel very self-sufficient, indeed.


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