MORE Competitive Baking…But One Roasting Pan and a Few Hours Short.

Last week, a former coworker (you may remember him as Chris) told me about the Great American Pie-Off…and not only was I determined to *go*, but also to bake something memorable (no apple!) and to win over the celebrity judges.

I put out a request and got a lot of good feedback for potential pies: strawberry rhubarb, mixed berry, coconut cream…but, in the end, it was banoffee — a pie I made especially for an English colleague once — that really piqued my interest. Surely no one else would actually go to the trouble of making toffee, right? (In the recipe it says: “This pie, an easy take on toffee with bananas [hence the name], made its debut at The Hungry Monk, a pub in England, in 1972. Traditional recipes involve boiling unopened cans of condensed milk, but since that sometimes results in explosions, we thought you might prefer our method.”)

So…this was my big weekend plan.

But…I had a heck of a week last week…and by the time I woke up on Saturday and had my coffee and realized that the contest began at 4 and that I really had only a couple of hours to straighten my hair and go to the grocery store and get a-bakin‘…my plan for baking dominance seemed rather ill-conceived. *Then* I read the recipe a bit closer and recalled that this pie actually requires a roasting pan (which I borrowed from a friend of a friend for Thanksgiving once upon a time and had for, like, a year…and so the last time I made this must have been during that roasting-pan-borrowing-period)…as well as TWO hours of toffee-making (in a pie pan that is on loan) and ANOTHER hour of chill time…I decided I simply didn’t have enough oomph to pull it off. I may have totally blown it — one of the celebrity judges could have been searching for a writer/baker…but that was the pie I really wanted to make. I found a recipe for apricot-raspberry pie that seemed kind of easy (and doable with what I had on hand)…but I just wasn’t as excited about it.

So…no pies this weekend. Cover letters galore. But no pies.

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