You Can’t Spell Food Without "oo" Either.

Those of you who go back far enough *may* recall a gentleman by the name of Goot. (The Dow Jonesers, oh, how they laughed…but it isn’t really fair of me to poke fun as I, too, have taken a lot of heat for my name.) It’s been quite some time since Goot and I spoke…but thanks to the Internets, he sort of popped up again today…which made me a little curious as to what he’s been up to…and thanks to the Googles (which can be both good and bad, as you have seen…), I now know he’s done fairly well for himself. He also happens to be featured in a food blog…which I’m guessing is a little more popular than ol’ TL’s…which somehow doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Hey, Goot…You Gonna Eat That?


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