Megan Fox’s Secret?

So…some of the elevators in my office building (well, “mine” for two more weeks) have TVs with intraelevator news…and I saw a blurb yesterday that said Megan Fox had to gain 10 pounds for a movie role. How’d she do it?

She ate red velvet cake every night before bed. (And this is actually huge news. Which is maybe…a little…wrong?)

Well, Megan,…I, too, hear red velvet cake’s siren call…[insert fat joke here?]


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One response to “Megan Fox’s Secret?

  1. Boz

    Oh, yes, because it’s just impossible to find an actress with any talent that weighs ten pounds more than Megan Fox that instead demands existing actresses gain weight. I’m sure they could have found an equally-talented attractive woman that didn’t require a twig like Megan Fox to gain ten pounds. I’m sick of actors and actresses gaining and losing weight as if it is some sort of badge of dedication to the craft.

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