Letting You in on the Pickle Joke…

It’s not 2001 anymore and I am the only person left who cares about Bridget Jones (oh, Helen Fielding, it was as if you were writing about *me*! Except I don’t smoke. And I’m not 30. And The Edge of Reason was appalling.)


I went to a deli near my office (oops — almost got pre-nostalgic again…)…and was surprised and delighted to see British foodstuffs…including — wait for it — Branston pickle!

I know there are a number of stores in NY that sell British products and so had my yearning to track down Branston pickle been strong enough, I might have found it ages ago. (But I suppose it wasn’t.)

Nevertheless, I expressed awe and wonder to the coworker who was with me…and then explained that it is a sandwich spread and I am not a big sandwich person, but this made homemade sandwiches totally palatable to me — like magic — and this is actually the stuff that Bridget Jones eats straight from the jar toward the end of the movie when she thinks she is going to die alone. (My mom thought it was chocolate.)

So, to mark the occasion of my little British moment yesterday, I was *hoping* to find this scene on YouTube…or that it was in the video for the song that plays while she does it. But, sadly, no.

But other blogs mention it, too! Kind of like an inside British joke.

(Also interesting? She’s still making headlines. Sort of.)



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2 responses to “Letting You in on the Pickle Joke…

  1. Katherine

    You are so right about the edge of reason.

  2. Sandra

    AH ha! I had always wondered what the hell she was eating during that scene. Thank you!

    “Edge of Reason” the book was not bad, based loosely on Austen’s “Persuasion”, with a depth and maturity to the character I find compelling (even if the storyline re: Mark is quite depressing). If the movie had bore any resemblance to the book, it might have been all right. Unfortunately… it didn’t. 😛

    (You are not, in fact, the only person left who cares about Bridget 🙂 )

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