Into the Hallowed Halls…

I made those Man-Catcher Brownies today. And I plan to take some into work tomorrow. It will be the first baked good I bring to Martha. Wish me luck.

I haven’t actually *tried* them yet…but I licked the spatula and *that* was darn good. Everything you’d want from a brownie batter, I reckon.

They turned out pretty thick…which makes me worry a bit about the texture — there’s too much girth to be chewy…so hopefully my colleagues enjoy cakey brownies. It would be super-embarrassing if they turned out to be gluey after all the bragging I’ve done about my baking prowess (not unlike my very ugly lasagna on Week #2).

Also — for the record — I’m making them as more of a goodwill gesture rather than to actually ensnare anyone. And I’ve been told that no one in the test kitchen will know that I’ve brought in something. I’m not ready to face the pros yet.


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