Coal Oven…What?

I was walking up Court Street the other day when a man stopped me and asked, “Is there a new pizza place around here?”

It took me a second (I always freak out a little in my head and think, “Omigod, someone’s talking to me”), but then it hit me — yes! There *is* a new pizza place in my neighborhood! So…I pointed him in the right direction.

This pizza place, South Brooklyn Pizza, seems to have been a work in progress for a long, long time. But the MOST intriguing part about it is that it serves COAL OVEN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.

I wonder what sort of impact a coal oven has on them? Do they cook really fast? Are they really gooey? I don’t know enough about the science of baking to make any intelligent guesses.

It’s hard to beat a warm chocolate chip cookie though. So as long as they serve them right outta that coal oven, they *probably* can’t go wrong.

Once my Carroll Gardens pal gets back from Canada, I will try it out and post a review.


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