Oh, Look: An *Actual* Banana Hammock.

When I first saw this, I was upset that it existed — the beechwood fruit and vegetable hammock.

But now that I’m sitting down to actually WRITE about it, I am having a hard time being angry enough to really poke fun of it and to sound witty and amazing.

I’ve seen ones that look like trees and that are kind of cute (although, to be fair, they were banana-specific and maybe wouldn’t work with other fruit and vegetables?)…but this one is just the worst.

Another thing that bothers me? When people you don’t really know use emoticons in emails. It creeps me out a little.

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One response to “Oh, Look: An *Actual* Banana Hammock.

  1. Boz

    It was hard to click that link with both my fingers crossed!

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