Man Bait…in Various Forms

It’s funny — after that article about Rome in today’s NYT, I was thinking about how much I really want to make a whole lot of pasta…which inevitably got me thinking about Rachael Ray’s You Won’t Be Single for Long Vodka Cream Pasta. (I’ve never made it before…but, oh, that name.)

Which is sort of ironic…because I *also* recently saw this story — Obsessive Baker Searches for the Perfect Brownie.

Although perhaps the reason you’re able to *catch* the man is because he up and has a heart attack from all that butter?

I *am* curious about the kosher salt though…

…and one of my colleagues said I can bring in stuff to work and no one will tell the professionals in the test kitchen. Which makes me less nervous about baking for them for the first time. (I was really embarrassed because the lasagna I made this weekend collapsed in on itself and was super-ugly…and here all this time I’ve been professing to the people that I work with that I *can* cook and that food is my *passion*…and then I show up at lunch with the ugliest lasagna EVER. Sigh.)


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