My Poor Little Oven, a Musician in my Midst, the New Adam Sandler Movie, and a Fish with a Funny Name

I am also giving my oven quite a workout today after a three-week reprieve.

On my list? Two all-time favorites: Artichoke and Mushroom Lasagna (which I probably don’t have to remind you is what won my mother the Silver Spatula in her office lasagna bake-off) and Bell Pepper, Red Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza.

I did a big shopping trip today to amass all the necessary ingredients…and when I got home I realized I had forgotten the mozzarella, so I had to go all the way back. But! While I was walking down Smith Street again, I saw a balding man with a whole bunch of kids who looked suspiciously like Dave Matthews. I must have sort of done a tiny doubletake because he looked at me and smiled. When I got home, I Googled him and learned that he has three kids, including twin daughters…and there were two little girls with my Smith Street friend who totally looked like they were about five or six years old. So! I am convinced it was him.

Also? Wikipedia says he is in the new Adam Sandler movie. Do you know who *else* is in the new Adam Sandler movie? You’ve listened to me go on and on about my very first job in NY at the Mamas and the Papas musical, no doubt (I know a guy who’s on a cruise to Nova Scotia right now…which also made me nostalgic for the Ms & Ps…)…and it just so happens that a guy I worked with there has since moved to LA and *stars* in the new Adam Sandler movie as a skeezy landlord. So! This could be the first time in my life that I see an Adam Sandler movie in the theater. (It’s for Rick! I swear!)

I also think it’s kind of funny that I have such an itsy bitsy oven in Brooklyn…and yet this is where I have all sorts of inspiration to bake stuff. When I was at home and had access to my mother’s super-nice whiz-bang oven, I hardly had any motivation whatsoever. Poor Mom. She wanted brownies or apricot pie…or *something*…and yet I didn’t make anything at all. Actually — tell a lie. I *tried* to make brownies, but I thought she was out of butter. Who knew she had a whole mess of it in the freezer? (And, in my defense, there is more than one freezer. They had to buy one for the garage when she caught her 80-pound halibut. And, no, I didn’t catch *any* fish when I was gone. I *almost* caught a Dolly Varden…but by the time our guide figured out that it actually was a fish we could take with us, the little bugger got away. Catch and release?)


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One response to “My Poor Little Oven, a Musician in my Midst, the New Adam Sandler Movie, and a Fish with a Funny Name

  1. patrick

    Adam Sandler is classic in his own way, though he tends to do his best work when he stays casual, not trying too hard to be funny or deep, etc.

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