I’ve been terrible lately — I know — but things are settling down after graduation, Alaska, kitten and Martha…so here I go, easing back into the blog.

Just in time for Father’s Day, Tony Micelli himself brings us this: Tony Danza’s the Boss in the Kitchen with New Cookbook. (Jackie Collins likes his meatballs??)

Also noteworthy: How Long is a Coney Island Minute? I’ve never actually seen the contest, but the Mermaid Parade is next weekend…which is always a good excuse to actually *go* to Coney Island. Maybe I should make it two weekends in a row??

And…in honor of Carmen, who I haven’t seen in almost a MONTH: A Fruit Shake, Then Shaking to the Beat of Cumbia. Perhaps *this* is where you’ll find us next week…

And, finally, after five long years, Ikea will open in Red Hook this week. It’s one of the things they told me was going to happen when I first moved here, so I’m feeling more nostalgic about *that* than excitement about cheap furniture within walking distance…but, nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed the efforts of NY press to keep the story fresh and relevant. Such as: 15 Ikea Must-Haves for New Yorkers.


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