Name-Calling for Dummies

A friend and I were discussing a romantic rival via email when she wrote, “She’s a total butter face.”

And…at the time, I totally thought she was trying to say “buttface” nicely…(albeit a weird way to say buttface nicely…but nicely nonetheless).

Then I googled it and discovered that it is an actual term.


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One response to “Name-Calling for Dummies

  1. Boz

    “Butter face” is pretty old school. We used the term “butter” to describe something cool back when I was in elementary school. As in, “That Hot Wheels caah is totally butta!” We lived near the Massachusetts border. Generally you emphasize the “buh” at the beginning of butter, so it comes out like buh-ddah!

    Conversely, an ugly face would be, “busted,” as in, “Her face is totally busted.”

    Harsh, I know. Men are cruel.

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