Feliz Cinco de Mayo…

(Or, “TL Gets Historical.”)

Even though I have been told that this is nothing but a marketing scheme *and* that the only reason Americans get so riled up about the Battle of Puebla is because Mexico was fighting the French while the U.S. was in the middle of the Civil War…and so had Mexico lost, the U.S. was so weak that France probably could have conquered the U.S., too…

I am still a sucker for holidays.

This particular holiday *also* reminds me of the time my bourbon-swilling spitfire of a grandmother was “babysitting” me when my parents were out of town some 15-odd years ago. We were living in Mississippi and so our options were perhaps more limited than, say, when we were living in California. Nevertheless, my grandmother and I hit up a relatively new Mexican restaurant in town to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (although she pronounced “Mayo” like the shortened version of mayonnaise). Unfortunately, the restaurant was *so* new that it did not yet have a liquor license…much to the chagrin of my grandmother who could not wrap her head around celebrating this holiday without a margarita.


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