Fireweed in NYC

One of Alaska’s storied summertime wildflowers is fireweed – interesting because the buds change as the summer progresses…although I don’t remember whether it’s that the reddish-purplish color moves up the plant or down? It must be up.

In any event, when I was buying Kleenex this weekend, I found boxes of the CVS brand (so…okay…not actual Kleenex…but who says “tissues”?) with *fireweed* on it. I’ve never seen fireweed on this side of the U.S.-Canadian border! Imagine my surprise and delight!

(Also: In other news…guess who is *going* to Alaska in about a month. This person needs to escape the city for a bit…and was afraid she would not be able to in the period between graduation and gainful employment. Hurrah!)


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  1. Boz

    I definitely made a comment in here about my fondness for Fireweed, and it was definitely not posted! Ah well, so yeah, I like Fireweed and stuff. Seems like kind of a silly comment, in retrospect.

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