Happy Anniversary!

Yes, that’s me…*exactly* one year ago as I prepared to head to the airport in that Lincoln Continental with my 60-pound suitcase full of pie supplies…

I don’t even think I really look like that anymore…I certainly have a different purse (the Ugly Betty one…that my mother confessed she *also* bought before visiting me and we had to walk around the city with matching purses…and which is apparently *also* a favorite of one of the adjuncts at Columbia)…and my hair isn’t as long…and I’m in J-school and I totally don’t care about mutual funds anymore (likely at the detriment of my own retirement, but at this point it seems like I will be paying off student loans forever, so retirement is kind of a pipe dream anyway). And what would I do without Carmen and the rest of my wonderful classmates?? I had no idea they even *existed* at this point last year!

I certainly haven’t made as many pies this year as last (although I still have apples that were supposed to go into a pie for the Deceptively Delicious dinner party and which will now go into a pie for the Big, Bad Brooklyn BBQ), it’s certainly been a remarkable year! But, before I go totally overboard (I’ve always said that someday I will OD on nostalgia), I give you Schwan’s official account:

Nation’s Bakers Face Off to Decide America’s Best Pie This Week

New and noteworthy:

“When asked which TV Mom would bake the best pie, Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch won by a landslide 40 percent, followed by Claire Huxtable (22 percent), Bree Van de Camp (16 percent), Debra Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond (13 percent) and Marge Simpson (8 percent).”

(I kicked off the celebration of my one-year pie contest anniversary by downloading the song, “Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie,” by Jay and the Techniques…)



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2 responses to “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Boz

    I’d say that’s a pretty accurate picture of the way you looked when last we met in person. I wouldn’t disparage yourself, personally.

  2. LL

    But, Boz! I didn’t mean worse! I just meant “different.”

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