The Best of Both Worlds?

No, not Miley.

Beer Cupcakes.



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6 responses to “The Best of Both Worlds?

  1. Zachary Goelman

    Oh Danny Boy… the cupcakes they are baking…

  2. Jonathan

    Have you made these? They look yummy, and we both now I love me a dark beer!

  3. Nicolette

    This is the kind of genius you can expect from us Minnesotans.

    Actually, my mom’s favorite recipe is black forest beer cake. Said cake caused quite a kerfuffle between my parents when it was served to our Methodist minister. My dad didn’t want to be known as the family that served Pastor Wiggen beer cake, I guess.

  4. Jonathan

    Beer is good. But are they really beery tasting?

  5. Boz

    I love how all your readers seem to be lurkers until you make a comment about beer. Like free T-shirts and Pizza in college, topics about beer always seem to get everyone talking on the internet.

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