Salsa Picante Roja y Queso Colombiano

I’m waaay behind, but will try to do a bit of catching up on this day of rest.


…about a million years ago (actually two weekends ago), I was trying to make Chicken Burritos with Poblano Chiles and Corn and I was looking for bottled red taco sauce at my grocery store…which actually has a decent selection of so-called ethnic products. But I only found red hot sauce, not red taco sauce…and I wasn’t sure if there was a difference. As I stood in the aisle, pondering my next move, an old Mexican woman pointed to a bottle of El Yucateco and told me it was *the* hot sauce. She said it was from the same region in Mexico that she is and made me promise that I would only use a little bit at a time because it’s very, very hot.

“You can always add more later,” she said. (Then a woman bumped into her cart and she gave her a dirty look and the woman said, “Sorry,” and she said, “Don’t be sorry — next time be careful” and I was glad I was on her good side.)

I also had trouble finding poblano chiles, so I ended up using chipotle chiles (a friend told me I say that like a Southerner)…and I love the flavor that chipotles give…but I didn’t realize they’d be so darn HOT…so these burritos, while good, turned out to be almost prohibitively hot. (I found, however, that with enough sour cream…they were palatable…but that might have been all in my head…)

I also found “queso Colombiano” at my grocery store…and so I excitedly told my Colombian friend and she had never heard of the stuff before. I checked the label and it turns out it is from Wisconsin. Ah, marketing.



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2 responses to “Salsa Picante Roja y Queso Colombiano

  1. Anonymous

    Sour cream is WONDERFUL!

  2. Anonymous

    I love chipotle peppers but they are quite, quite hot. I love them but can only take them in small doses.
    They are of course very different from poblano peppers. My mom makes a great roasted poblano casserole. she’ll also roast them and then stuff them. yum!

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