Time-Pressed Culinary Feats (& a Little Bit of Lack Thereof)

Pressed for time, but longing to bake *something*, I opted for an old favorite: banana bread.

However, I could not find the family recipe my aunt painstakingly assembled in a giant collection several Christmases ago…so I opted for one from Epicurious: Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts (this had the added bonus of helping me get rid of the chips and nuts that have been sitting around and doing nothing but cluttering my pantry forever).

In all fairness, I didn’t have any lemon juice (well, tell a lie…I actually found a bottle of lemon juice tucked away in my fridge…that expired in July 2007 — oopsie) and so I made do without and that could possibly explain why it turned out so dry? I don’t know though…I’ve never had trouble with texture before…although I guess it could also be that our family recipe is overwhelmingly moist? Either way, if that recipe doesn’t turn up around here somewhere (and, again, to be fair, it’s a little chaotic around here with my master’s project due on Monday and the Great American Food Writing Job Search that just kicked off…), I will have to ask my mother for it again…because I wasn’t nuts (ooh — bad pun) about the banana bread with chocolate chips and walnuts.

Fun aside: when I told my friend from Colombia that I was making banana bread, she got all excited and said that her two favorite culinary things about America are ranked as follows:

1. Beef Jerky
2. Banana Bread

I’ve also been dying to make Chewy Chocolate Cookies…they seem easy enough and I have everything on hand (and I *do* have one heck of a sweet tooth)…but I haven’t slept in days, so priority #1 after the job fair tomorrow will be to get some shuteye…and then perhaps I’ll contemplate chewy chocolate cookies.

But…one *does* have to eat dinner, so earlier this week, I made those quesadillas (which were actually remarkably convenient — the recipe yielded 8 and so I’ve been able to just grab one out of the fridge and warm it up for 45 seconds and dinner is served at my house). I didn’t follow the recipe to a T though — I had to use kale because FreshDirect did not have mustard greens…but I don’t do a lot of stuff with kale and was a little freaked out about having huge chunks of it in there…so I ended up food-processing the whole bunch. (I also think the recipe is in dire need of cumin rather than chili powder…) But, it was fairly easy and filled me up…so definitely worth the trouble. Ooh — also: the goat cheese really makes this dish. I’d even recommend using *more* because it really does something to sort of mesh all of the flavors in there.


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One response to “Time-Pressed Culinary Feats (& a Little Bit of Lack Thereof)

  1. Boz

    Her favorite culinary thing about the U.S. is beef jerky? Dear God, we’ve obviously been doing something wrong these past few centuries.

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