Miss Fluffy Rice…& Touchin’ Clouds

I was recently photocopying columns from a women’s magazine in the 1960s when I came across ads from the Rice Council featuring a character called “Miss Fluffy Rice.”

Miss Fluffy Rice is really too good to be true — she’s a wooden spoon with an apron and rice for hair…who has endless tips about how to incorporate more rice into your diet. She brought me great amusement at work. (I *also* enjoyed the ads for ribs in a can…and the wonderfully direct, “Why are the most tender, flaky pie crusts you ever tasted made by someone else?” [It’s because that someone else uses Armour Star Lard.]” Also interesting: everyone at the top of the masthead was a man…!)

Work, coincidentally, is where I *also* scrounged up this priceless biscuit-making tip (use it and think of me): “Finally, a light touch is essential! Handle the dough and the biscuits as little as possible. You don’t want gluten to develop and you want the fat to stay cold until the biscuits bake, so hands off! Think of handling clouds or other very delicate objects during this whole process.”



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2 responses to “Miss Fluffy Rice…& Touchin’ Clouds

  1. Susan

    Never heard of Miss Fluffy Rice. Funny! learn something new.

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