Recent Baking

This is totally old news at this point, but I came home from class the other day and had a serious compulsion to make peanut butter cookies (they are long since gone…this is how long ago I had the compulsion). But it was, like, overwhelming. I had to do it. And, luckily, there’s a quick and easy recipe on the Jif site.

One small crisis with the brown sugar though: the bag burst while I was pouring it out and so it was open at both the top and the bottom which made it sort of difficult to measure, to say the least. Luckily, I used up virtually all of it and so I didn’t have to figure out how to store anything…

Last weekend, I also wanted to try out the cinnamon roll recipe that was in Bon Appetit recently. I don’t do a lot with yeast…so that’s always a little nerve-racking. And the recipe calls for you to use the paddle attachment on your mixer (I had to look up which one that is online — I would have guessed correctly…but, you know, wanted to make sure).

And, this is embarrassing, but I ran out of counter space (it kind of turned into an all-day project with all of the rising and whatnot…not that it was labor-intensive or anything…but, you know, it meant doing a step and then waiting and finding something else to keep myself occupied before returning and doing the next step several hours later…) and so I used my pie mat to actually knead the dough on the floor. Sounds completely gross, right? But I swear the pie mat was clean and everything…and counter space in my tiny little apartment is really hard to come by…and it just seemed like the only logical thing to do. (It’s sort of like the time my roommate and I were making the pudding dish with crust but had walnuts in the shell and had to crack them, but only had hammers at our disposal…and there was a baby upstairs who we didn’t want to wake, so we ended up in my closet [on the ground floor], cracking walnuts with the hammers on phone books to further muffle the sound. I always said that an experience like that bonded us for life…[but, sadly, I was wrong].)


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