The Pie o’ the Irish

I was invited to a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party (kind of) at the last minute. (But the host’s girlfriend says she was pestering him for my email address all week…)

Now, I *like* St. Patrick’s Day…and I’m a little bit Irish (the Englishman I almost married laughed at me when I said this once…because apparently the phrase is equivalent to “I’m a little bit stupid” in England?)…and some of my classmates are even *in* Ireland right now…the list goes on and on…

So…that got me thinking: if I was to go to a dinner party with a St. Patrick’s Day theme, what would I bring?

And then it hit me! Grasshopper pie. When a coworker didn’t get deported about a year ago, he requested “green card pie” and this is the closest thing I could think of. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong color booze…and, in true Lisa fashion, something of a minicrisis ensued…But! I still have two big bottles of the stuff left over…and what else am I going to use it for, really? (An After Ski Relaxer? An Irish Flag shot?)

So…that’s my advice if you’re looking for a green dessert to celebrate on Monday. Just don’t get the wrong color booze. (Or, you know, stick with green beer.)


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