Droppin’ Names

(Again, the food connection is tentative…but I’ll be back on track soon — I promise!)

I volunteered at an event this week and ran into my fair share of VIPs (according, I suppose, to how generous you are in your definition…). So…I’ll do my best Perez Hilton (minus doodles) and give you the roundup:

Frank Bruni! Guess you didn’t remember me. But I gave you your name tag!

Geraldo! I *tried* to give you yours, but you forsook me! So I swiped it as a souvenir! (P.S.: Lose the glasses.)

Carson Kressley! You were so nice! I just loved you! I wish I had had the guts to talk to you longer! (I just pitched a story about diets and marketing and body image…and my letter was totally stream of consciousness and I totally mentioned your new show! How perfect would it have been to have interviewed you and to have been able to use *you* as my main character in my social history piece??)

Matt Lauer, you are kind of small!

Meredith Vieira, if only I had been brave enough to approach *you*, too. But, in all fairness, I am not in broadcast, so perhaps it was best to save all your face time for those who are…

And, Anthony Rapp, I was sad you were not there.


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