Now I wish that I was going *and* that I had cable!

To: American Pie Council Personal and Professional Members
From: Nancy Mathieson, APC Membership Director

Our offices have just received the official word that Food Network will be filming the 2008 APC Crisco National Pie Championships and Great American Pie Festival for another one hour Food Network Special. We are very excited they will be joining us again, as filming adds even more excitement to this great event!

For those members who plan on competing with us again this year, please indicate on your entry form if you would like a 2-3 hour time slot to bake your pies at the Baking Challenge on-site at the Orlando Sun Resort Hotel. Amateur baking times are scheduled for Friday, April 18th and Professional baking times are scheduled for Saturday, April 19th. These baking spots will be scheduled for entrants based on availability.

All Amateurs need to submit recipes with their entry forms, and Professionals this year will be required to submit their recipe for any first place winning pie. I am attaching both the Amateur and Professional entry forms to this e-mail. Please contact me at 847 371 0101 x3394, or at for more information.


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