Perfect Strangers

A lot of strangers have been talking to me lately — definitely more than usual. There’s a full moon coming, perhaps?

Take, for example, the gregarious hedge fund manager who sat down next to me on the 1 train and proceeded to explain that he could afford to live in Tribeca but chooses not to and was preparing to jet off to Cancun for the weekend with his hedge fund buddies.

Or…the cameraman who claimed to be in town to shoot footage of Mariah Carey *and* Janet Jackson

OR…the F train gentleman who said he was just coming back from his cousin’s 32nd birthday and wanted my opinion on whether or not it was a good move to buy her white roses. I said it was a nice thing to do…but he asked what I *thought* about white roses. So…I asked whether she liked them and he said she was very pleased, so I said that was all that matters.

However…he continued to press…and I finally confessed that I always associated white flowers with funerals. And I’m not even sure why — you’d think white would go with weddings, wouldn’t you? I, however, think of the hereafter.

So…I googled white flowers and I can’t come up with any logical funeral connection. So…here I went and made him feel bad about giving his cousin flowers that I associate with death when really there’s no precedent.

Although maybe it depends on the *type* of white flowers?


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One response to “Perfect Strangers

  1. Boz

    I have to admit, Lisa, that you are very approachable. While it might lead to some awkward situations for you, it is by no means an insult, and you should be happy that these strangers find it easy to confide in you.

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